After doing a bit of research, you’ve finally settled for the Audi A4 as your dream car. This is a very bold decision considering the Audi A4 is to modern-day business transport what the Ford Cortina was back in the 1970s. If your daily attire entails a shirt and time, the Audi A4 is likely to be quite high on your shopping list.

The car boasts a sharp style, classy interior and economical petrol and diesel engines that make it one of the best in its class.  To ensure it stands out from other cars in the same class, the Audi A4 has a few sporty styling tweaks. But it also has plenty of aggressive intakes, sharply creased lines, and-depending on the model you pick- some seriously bright Matrix LED headlights.

Checking its interior, the changes are not quite so in-your-face, but you do get a whopping great  10-inch all infotainment display as standard with all the navigation and smartphone-mirroring mod-cons you could ask for. It doesn’t stop as that since it also boasts seven engines that will happily cart you and a fair amount of heavy luggage around.

For long motorway slogs, it would be best to pick a 2.0-litre diesel engine. However, there is also a faster Audi S4 diesel model that will lap up cross-continental road trips without breaking a sweat. Of course, there is also a wide selection of petrol engines that will be better if you do plenty of town driving.

Regardless of the engine you decide to go with, you’ll find the Audi A4 is always comfortable to drive. What is even better is the fact that is cruises along quietly at speed. As for the automatic gearbox, it is easy to use and you can get plenty of driver-assistance features to take the edge off long stints behind the wheel.

The Bottom Line

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