We should all be striving to live a healthy lifestyle to prolong our time on earth, for ourselves and our family. Unfortunately, some of us only pay attention to our bodies and how we treat ourselves when our doctors inform us that we have bad health and need to adjust our way of life. One of the ailments of major concern is inflammation. Inflammation has been tied into a plethora of conditions ranging from mood disorders, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is when the body responds and attempt to eradicate cell damage. Inflammation generates the repair of the affected tissue. The body goes to war with injurious pathogens and afflicted cells. Inflammation is categorized as being either acute or chronic. When Inflammation is acute the body is in a state or repair, but when the inflammation is considered chronic that’s when the diagnosis is a bad one. With chronic inflammation, the inflammation lingers and the cells involved heal, but also destroy the body tissue at the same time. This condition can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to years.

How Do I Know If I’m Suffering From Inflammation?

It’s important to visit a doctor and get diagnosed immediately because if you’re suffering from chronic inflammation it can be the gateway to other health problems. The symptoms of inflammation are:





*Diminished functionality in the inflamed area

What Should I Do If I Am Diagnosed With Chronic Inflammation?

You have to sit down and formulate a plan of attack with your doctor and family. You’ll have to devise the best formula for your life. This is going to include an upgrade in your diet, exercise, and supplements/medicine.

What’s The Best Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

The Foods you need to ingest are:








*Fish (Cod, Salmon, Sardines)


*Greens (Kale, Spinach, Cucumbers, broccoli)

*Green Tea


*Olives and Olive Oil

*Nuts (Walnuts, Pistachios, Almonds)


What Are The Worst Foods For An Anti-Inflammatory Diet??

The Foods you need to avoid are:



*Fried Foods


*Processed foods (chips, crackers, cookies, candy, meats, etc…)


*Sugar (In both your food and drinks)

*White Bread

*White Pasta

*White Rice

What’s the Best Work Out To Combat Inflammation?

Research shows that it only takes 20 minutes of exercise to have significant anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Begin with walking. Just 20 minutes will do wonders for your body and mind. Walk in the morning, and if you find it difficult to do so, night walks are great. Take your significant other, children, and/or dog with you.

Health Is Wealth And Movement Is Medicine

we have designed a simple but powerful, beginners workout that anyone can do. It’s important before doing any exercise that you stretch your body to avoid injuries. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day and get plenty of sleep (at least seven hours) so that you can replenish your body and reset for the next day.

Follow this three-rep-plan, three times a week, and once it becomes too easy, you have leveled up, so, add more reps and exercises to your repertoire. Start with this basic calisthenics program:

Jumping Jacks = 20

Push-Ups = 5

Bench Dips = 5

Planks = 30 seconds

Squat = 10

Crunches = 20

Walking Lunges = 10

Calf Raises = 10

What Supplements And/Or Medicinal Aides Should I Take?

A highly recommended natural source of relief you should use is Heal and Soothe. Known as mother nature’s fell good formula it contains the following ingredients:











Research shows that Heal-n-Soothe generates healthy COX-2 activity as well as reduces joint pain. The Mojave yucca root contained within reduces inflammatory toxins in the body. They are currently offering a 30 day supply for free. That’s a total of a 90 count supply at no cost to you, and they even ship it for free.

Now you are equipped to incorporate the right foods into your anti-inflammatory diet as well as a lifestyle to ensure you have a richer more fulfilled life heading into the future.