Not all toothpastes are created equal. It may be hard to believe but some toothpastes can even harm your overall health. Even more shockingly, there are plenty of them around in the market. If you’ve ever wandered around your makeup store aisle and been overwhelmed by the number of toothpaste offerings, you might have chosen based on the fancy packaging or the catchy marketing slogan of the brand.

However, it’s what is inside that counts and what is inside can be either beneficial or downright dangerous. It’s always good to be keen on different things. With that said, below are some of the things to avoid the next time you want to buy a toothpaste.

Watch Out for Aggressive Surface-Active Agents

A surfactant is an agent that helps to form bubbles, thick foam and spread liquids over surfaces. It helps make toothpaste reach into even the narrowest spaces between the teeth. Many surfactants are completely safe and won’t react with the teeth or the mucous lining of your mouth. Unfortunately, not all surfactants are safe. One you should avoid is SLS. It has been proven to cause gum irritation or allergic reactions especially when used frequently on the mucous lining in a mouth. Basic rule when using electronic toothbrush, avoid SLS containing toothpaste.

Avoid Unnecessary Additives

There is a whole universe of additives that should not be part of a proper toothpaste. Many of them may be harmful not only for your teeth but for various organs if used for a long time. Bleaching agents in large quantities usually have a fast whitening effect. Furthermore, theyweaken the enamel and offset the chemicalbalance, making your teeth more vulnerable to bacteria and other damage.

Healthy and gentle whitening can be achieved through enzymatic mechanisms with safe concentrations of other whitening agents. Addition to this triclosan, parabens,and diethanolamine are other additives to avoid

The Take-Away

Luckily, you can find more by utilizing the deep database which provides comprehensive information and a rating system to help you sort through what’s safe and what not. Toothpastes are a hard category to crack when it comes to avoiding toxic chemicals. So,you’ll probably find yourself making some compromises.

Some experts recommend avoiding toothpaste with sweeteners. Given the health risks around this  hemical additives don’t seem to be a concrete as the risks associated with other ingredients. We believe it helps to reduce you and your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals wherever you possibly can. The good news is Parodontax toothpaste is safe for use and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.