Are you planning the menu and theme for the next outdoor dinner? Adding flowers to the table is as important as ordering food and wine. This article will explain 4 different ways to do flower table arrangements for a dinner party.

Top 4 Flower Arrangement Ideas for Dinner Party

  1. Start with a bucolic setting

If you are planning dinner around the garden, choose the flowers that are found there. Generally, every garden includes garden or spray roses. Add 4-6 roses to each flower vase with some greenery. Depending on the size of the dinner table, place 2-4 flower vases on parallel sides.

  1. Place sand and flowers in a jar

Those who are arranging dinner parties around the beach can fill sand, wildflowers, and herbs in a mason jar. Put some floral petals around every plate.

You should choose white or cream roses for this process as the theme of the beach party should be light. Finally, add 1-2 vases on parallel sides with local blooms.

  1. Match the interiors and theme

If you are planning dinner at a restaurant, check the interior design, the color of the walls, and the menu. Then, select flowers with contrasting or similar colors.

The size and number of vases that will be required generally depend on the length of the table. A small table for 4 people should include only 1 big size vase or 2 small floral vases. Those who are arranging a dinner party for 10-12 people can keep 6 small vases on parallel sides.

Finally, add some flower petals around each plate. Make the environment look more magical by hanging a chandelier on the top.

  1. Opt for Dried Blooms with Dark Candles

Dried flowers might not add any fragrance. However, they are considered the best option for adorning the dinner table. If you are planning a formal dinner party with colleagues, then dried blooms will be ideal. Choose the vases that match the environment. Alternatively, keep these flowers in silver vases. Don’t place more than 2 flower vases on the table.

You can include a lamp or candle to enhance the environment. While selecting candles, avoid vibrant colored ones as they can make the dinner party theme extremely light.


We hope you found flower arrangement ideas useful for the next dinner party with family, friends, and colleagues. You can also decide the theme, décor, and arrangement depending on the location and mood of the party.