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Things To Know Before Buying The 2022 AudiA3

The brand new 2022 Audi A3 is one of the best cars in its segment and definitely worth considering andcomes manufactured in the MQB Evo platform. Being a compact luxury sedan that comes at a base MSRP, the 2022 A3 retains all the aspects that made the older generation an excellent proposition on the market.

It comes along with few more much needed features and tech that have been implemented without seeing a drastic rise in price. Before buying an Audi A3, here are things you should know.

TurbochargedHybrid Motor Feels Adequately Peppy

The 2 litre TFSI turbocharged inline 4 motor with a 48 volt hybrid system is all new and is capable of producing 201 hp and 221 1b-ft of torque. Even though the performance is slightly lesser in comparison to the outgoing model, it is a punchy motor with an excellent mid-range grunt.

The turbo is well-masked making it the best vehicle, put your foot down in any gear and the car offers brisk acceleration. It delivers a 0-60 mph time of 6.6 seconds and a high speed of 130 mph.

DSG Transmission Is Lighting Quick

The 7 speed dual crutch automatic transmission, which is also saw duty in the older model years of the A3 makes its production in 2022 model year as well. This is what makes the car more luxurious and fun to drive. The car might not be the most powerful out there, but the transmission hides the power deficiency with the help of lighting fast shifts.

Put the transmission into sport mode and it becomes even quicker. The shifts are not very jerky either unlike some of the rivals like the CLA 250. with the seven gears to play with, along with a fairly well spread out gear ratio, the 2022 Audi A3 is the most frugal offering of the subcompact luxury sedan segment.


Before buying the Audi A3, it’s important you note down the things mentioned above. Having an understanding of different features found in an Audi A3 is important. With that, you will be in a position to make an informed decision.

You might continue doing a research on other features that come along with an Audi A3. But at first, you should keep the key things above in mind so as you have an easy time purchasing this vehicle.

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