The Yaris cross is all-new model that brings together Toyotas rich experience and know how in small car and SUV design and engineering. It carries the key qualities of the new generation Yaris hatchback, the reigning car across the world.

Its attributes are combined with authentic SUV features, founded on a Toyota heritage of innovation. The introduction of Yaris cross extends the Toyota Yaris family. Here are more things you should know about the Toyota Yaris cross.

Toyota YarisCross Interior

The interior of the Yaris cross range is a mixed bag. While the seats are comfortable and adjustable for all occupants, there is an abundance of hard trims in the door cards and dashboard. Practicality-wise occupants can make use of medium bottle holders in the doors, three cup holders in the centre console and various nooks and crannies.

The highest urban grade is available with consisting plastic dash trims, although all cars get a leather bound steering wheel. It also has a large boot space for the class coming in at 390 litres in petrol front drive models.

FuelSipping Baby Is Making A Good First Impression

Among all the talk of the 2030 ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars, one key element of the landmark change is consistentlyoverlooked. TheYaris cross is the brands latest effort to be powered by the technology, and it’s also the newest addition to the auto express long term fleet.

It’s a compact SUV that offers up a fiercely efficient take on the popular B sector SUV format. Integrated into the pleasingly chunky bodywork is the same hybrid system as you’ll find in the Yaris supermini. TheYari cross is in design trim, with only two options boxes ticked.


Finally, the Yari cross has five seats regardless of variant, and is available with cloth trim across the range. the urban grade gets its own set of seat designs, with partial faux-leather on the edges, as well as electric adjust for the driver and heated seats for the front passengers.

The seating position is high, allowing for good visibility of the roads, and offers reasonable comfort and adjustability for all occupants. In conclusion, its speed is high. Toyota does not provide an official 0-100 km/h time for Yari cross variants, but expect a figure around 10 seconds for the hybrid models.