When you start to experience a dry, itchy scalp, your first reaction is probably to wonder why it happened. Understanding the cause will lead you to the right solution.So, how do you know if its dandruff? Let’s start with a few simple identifiers.

There are a number of ways to single out dandruff as the cause of scalp itch, but we will focus on the two big ones. If you find some of the symptoms below, its time you need a dandruff shampoo?

YourScalp Is Itchy, Red And Dry

If you notice that your scalp is dry and red, you could dandruff. Or at least the early signs of it. Dandruff symptoms like, itch, dryness and scalp redness act as signals that your scalp skin is out of balance or stressed. Eventually, this could lead to dandruff flaking. Dandruff is the most common cause of scalp flakes, itch, dryness, and redness. 50% of adults and teens will experience dandruff.

Anti-dandruff shampoo is key to restoring scalp balance and preventing a dandruff flare-up. Once you think you might have dandruff, try using anti-dandruff shampoo exclusively for two weeks. If your condition does not improve, check with your doctor. This is because you may have a condition that requires a different treatment.

Flakesof Skin on Your Scalp

If you part your hair so you can see through to your scalp, you will notice flakes of skin sitting on, or close to your scalp. Sometimes, these flakes are trapped in your hair close to the root and can be tricky to pull out. As you are nodding your head to these sign, grabbing a dandruff shampoo such as Head and Shoulders will be better. This shampoo will ensure no flakes remains on your scalp.

Bottom Line

Dandruff shampoo protects your scalp from a certain fungus that lives on everyone’s scalp. When this fungus breaks down scalp oil, it creates a substance that can irritate the skin. When used properly, the active ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoo helps block those irritants in between washes, so your scalp can stay balanced and comfortable.

If you want to use these shampoo, make sure it is proven clinically to work. It should contain active ingredients that protect your scalp from irritants. Whatever your hair and scalp needs, you can look for hair and scalp advisor to find the right antidandruff product for your hair.