Buying a car is a major financial commitment, with the average auto loan increasing in the last couple of years. If a vehicle is used, there can be some risks involved, especially if it’s an as-is sale with no warranty. For this reason, it is crucial to understand what you’re getting when buying a used Mazda 3.

To help you avoid ending up with a lemon, we have compiled some of the questions to ask to help you get the most bang for your buck. Whether you are buying from a dealer or a private individual, ensure you keep the things below in mind.

Why Are They Selling The Car?

How the seller responds to this question could give you some insight into potential issues with the car. Or it could simply be that they want a new ride. Ensure you also factor in how old the car is even though you’ll typically find this information in the advertisement for the vehicle. An older Mazda 3 certainly needs more frequent repairs and maintenance. Be sure to remember this before making the necessary payments.

What’s the Mileage?

This is also another important question to ask before buying a used Mazda 3 in Singapore. The more a car has been on the road, the more wear and tear it’s been subject to. You will usually get this information from the advertisement, but there is nothing wrong with asking the seller how much they drove on the highway versus in the city. Highway driving tends to put less stress on a car’s brakes and suspension.

How Long Have They Owned the Car?

If the seller did buy it new, you can get the full history of the vehicle quite easily. If not, there may be some unknowns that it would pay to find out more. In the event that a car has changed hands frequently, it can be difficult to get a full history of its maintenance, repairs, accidents and other pertinent details.

Final Thoughts

Buying a used Mazda 3 brings with it a host of benefits that will certainly work to your advantage. But this is only possible if you ask the seller any burning question in mind before making the purchase. A good used car dealer will be more than ready to respond to your questions without hiding anything from you.