Hari Raya literally means celebration day and is a religious holiday which is mainly celebrated by Muslims worldwide. This festival marks a person’s triumph and success on discipline and self-resistance shown during the holy Ramadan month. Plus, the festive symbolizes refinement and rebirth.

After staying home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Raya celebration is something most Muslim look forward to. Many of them can’t wait to return to their home town and enjoy Raya feast with friends and family. And they are even waiting to receive and gift Hari Raya Gifts. So, if you’re looking to get a meaningful gift for your friends and family on the Raya feast, then below are some perfect ideas on the selection which will definitely bring a smile on their face.


On every Hari Raya feast, people prefer buying new clothes for their family. And this doesn’t stop there as they even go ahead to buy new shoes, jewelry and even go as far as buying new household items. However, the Hari Raya feast is not meant to be celebrated like a new year. The celebration is actually done to mark end of the fasting period that goes on for a month.

Instead of overspending on new clothes and items on the Raya feast, you can just appreciate what you have already. However, if you really see the need to buy new clothes you can look out for Hari Raya deals and spend within an affordable budget.

Duit Raya or Green Packets

The green packets are also as Sampul Hijau which is actually an adaption of the Chinese New Year red packets. The color green in Muslims represents Islamic paradise. Actually, the concept of the green packets is in line with Zakat where every Muslim extends some portion of their wealth to the needy. However, over the past few years this concept has changed and the idea of Duit Raya has turned into something entirely different.

Nowadays, children from all backgrounds go from house to house practically begging for Duit Raya even those from middle and upper-income families. Therefore, to cut costs down on the Hari festive you should not give out the green packets and neither should your kids expect them. Just in case your children receive the green packets, you should take them to the orphanage and donate them.