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Marko Stout- A renowned Artist

Marko Stout is an American contemporary artist and a fashion icon who has created a big name for himself. He is famously known for his accessible industrial pop style that combines New York inspired works and the modern era rock edge. Marko mostly focuses on New York City and modern era lifestyle when designing his art pieces. His works include photography, video, film, sculptures, paint and print.

Marko’s different and edgy approach to art has earned him the attention of many artists and celebrities. These celebrity artists compare his work to those of his predecessors Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol. For this reason, many people find it hard to resist the Getty industrial pop style that he has to offer.

This pop art master has a unique and interesting story of how he was able to make it big in the industry. Actually, he had no plans of venturing into the art world until when he met a friend who also happened to be his neighbour.  Marko’s friend taught him everything he knows since he was a painter trained in Art Institute of Chicago. Before he could know it, Marko was making it big in galleries where he sales and showcases his art pieces.

Apart from making and selling sculptures and paintings, Marko Stout also doubles up as a producer. He is known for producing the New York independent art film festival which was a huge success. Marko’s star continues to shine since collectors from around the world are now making his work part of their art pieces.

To connect with his young enthusiastic art lovers, Marko runs a website that is operational 24 hours a day. In this website, you will come across celebrity artists who are in love with his art. One of the most notable names that you will come across is The Kardashians. The Kardashians are huge followers of Marko’s art pieces. They have even gone to the extent of showcasing their love for his work on social media platforms like YouTube.

Marko’s popularity is still rising considering the many exhibitions he has held in cities like Miami, Los Angeles and New York. To catch a glimpse of Marko, you should follow his Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page.

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