A “nodule” is a mass of tissue that has formed on the surface of the thyroid. In most cases, nodules are benign (non-cancerous) and they are often found in the lower part of the thyroid gland. However, sometimes nodules can be cancerous.

Treatment for thyroid nodules depends on their size, location and how big they grow. If a nodule is small, it may be best to monitor it rather than treat it. If a nodule is found in the upper part of the thyroid gland, it may need to be surgically removed in order to prevent compression of nearby organs and lymph nodes.If a nodule is large, it may need to be surgically removed all at once or sectioned into smaller pieces in order to minimize damage to surrounding structures.Some people have treatment options for nodules that do not involve surgery. For example, some medications can shrink a nodule or block its growth. Others have had success using radioactive iodine to destroy nodules that are still small enough to be treated with surgery.

Nodules are growths on the surface of the thyroid gland.

Nodules can be either benign or malignant. Benign nodules are noncancerous and don’t spread to nearby structures. Malignant nodules are cancerous and can spread beyond the thyroid gland. Certain factors increase your risk for developing nodular goiter, including: iodine deficiency, certain medications (like lithium), certain genetic conditions, and autoimmune disorders.

Nodular goiter is a condition characterized by the presence of thyroid tissue in the neck. It occurs when there is an increase in thyroid activity, which can occur as a result of an overactive thyroid gland or as a result of iodine deficiency. While most people with a goiter will not have any symptoms, it can be a source of discomfort, especially when it causes prominent swelling or tenderness in the neck area. Some people may also experience difficulty swallowing due to the enlarged gland or notice difficulty breathing due to enlarged thyroids pressing against the windpipe.

Final Verdict

A nodule is a small, soft bump on the surface of a structure like the skin or an organ. A nodule can be caused by a number of different conditions including infection, injury, or cancer. Nodules can also be found on the thyroid gland. These nodules are usually made up of hyperplasia, which means there is an increase in the number of cells on the surface of the thyroid gland.