Rating factors are the characteristics of an individual and they are used to price car insurance premiums. Actually, the less risky your rating factors are, the cheaper your car insurance policy will be and vice versa. You should also keep in mind that driving record and type of your vehicle are some of the auto insurance rating factors which can relatively have a great impact on car insurance costs.

Others like gender and marital status are less important in pricing car insurance premiums. Either way, it pays off to know what you’re dealing with before you finally get and compare car insurance quotes. Having said that, here are a few important factors for car insurance rates.


Age is a very vital rating factor especially for young drivers. As a matter of fact, teens pay the most expensive auto car insurance premiums. Insurance companies see teen drivers as very risky and potentially expensive clients to insure as they drive more recklessly and as a result, they get into accidents mostly.

On the other hand, an adult driver is most likely to pay affordable insurance premiums.This is because most insurance companies view mature drivers to be with experience and will definitely get into less accidents due to careful driving skills.


Gender is another lesser-known factor and this mostly impacts young drivers. Usually, a young male driver pays more per in auto insurance premiums than does a female teen driver. As a matter of fact, young male drivers pay more mainly because they are seen to be reckless in driving and therefore likely to be involved in accidents.

Their female counter parts on the other hand, pay a reasonably price on auto insurance premiums. The relatively safe driving habits of young female drivers result to them earning lower monthly rates than teenage male drivers.


Insurance rates on a brand-new car is most likely to be expensive than premiums of an old car. If a vehicle requires more costs to be replaced, then the insurance company will definitely charge you more each month to compensate these costs.No wonder it is something you should never skimp on while shopping for auto insurance policies.