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IAF’s MiG-27 Fighter Aircraft Crashes Near Jodhpur, Rajasthan

AnMiG-27 aircraft belonging to the Indian Air Force (IAF) crashed on Sunday 31st March near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The IAF owned aircraft was on a routine mission before it finally crashed. Fortunately, the pilot of the MiG-27 aircraft is in good condition after safely ejecting. There were also no reported property destruction or loss of life during the accident.

Administrative officials and police arrived at the accident scene in Shivganj police station close to Godana Dan in the district of Sirohi. This accident comes barely three weeks after another MiF-21 fighter craft belonging to the Indian Air Force crashed in Bikaner district, Rajasthan. The MiF-21 fighter aircraft was also on a routine mission from Nal which is just a few meters from Bikaner.  Fortunately, the pilot of the aircraft did not sustain injuries after safely ejecting before it ended on the ground.

IAF’s MiG-27 Fighter Aircraft

The MiG-27 fighter aircraft took off from Utarlai Air Force base before crashing at around 11:45 am after developing engine problems. The Indian Air Force is expected to set up a court of inquiry which will investigate the real reason behind this latest accident. This is after a series of accidents involving IAF helicopters and fighter jets.

On February 27, an Mi-75 V5 helicopter also belonging to the Indian Air Force crashed near Srinagar killing all the six occupants and one citizen who was on the ground.The increasing number of IAF aircraft accidents is worrying considering how the government has invested heavily in the military and air force. As the court of inquiry continues with the investigation, citizens are left in the dark not knowing when the next accident will occur. Hopefully, the accidents will be a thing of the past as long as appropriate measures are put in place to make sure that everything is in good condition.

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