Pipes have tendencies to fall apart at some point, and it becomes noticeable when there is water spillage, when paints start to come off, and when the air conditioner no longer operates like it used to. Waiting till all these gets worse before quick repairs are dangerous. If damaged pipes are detected early enough and repaired, the costs of repairs can be manageable. Still, if ignored and a major breakage or blockage occurs, the repercussions with disruption of activities, property damage, and costs can be very significant.

Pipe repair solutions.

There are many pipe repair kits for pipe leak repair, but it is essential to know the type of kits to use, their “modus operandi,” and how effective it is for pipe repairs.

The Wrap Seal Quick Repair Kit for pipe leaks is suitable for offline pipe repair for low-pressure general pipe medium. It is also applied to the following;

✓ It is performed only on a surface of a temperature less than 70°C.

✓ The pipe diameter must be less than 18.”

✓ The pipe medium must be non-hazardous.

✓ It is used in non-active pinhole repair.

The materials for the pipe repair process ;

✓ Wrap Seal Quick Repair Kit for pipe repairs.

✓ Application tools include latex gloves, surface preparation tools(sandpapers, saw blades course files), personnel protection tools( face masks, self-breathing apparatus), cleaning fluid, and water.

Pipe leak repair procedure

(1) Control leakages by switching off the pipe.

(2) Ensure the work surface is thoroughly clean and dry. Then, clean and degrease the work surface using a solvent-based contact cleaner and degreaser.

After proper cleaning, roughen the surface to produce a suitable anchor file of 60-80 microns.

(3) Remove the seal stick and knead it for approximately a minute until a uniform dark grey color is obtained.

(4) Press the seal stick to fill in for the damages in the affected areas and feather the edge of the seal stick appropriately for stronger adhesion to the pipe surface. Leave for 30 minutes.

(5) Open and apply the wrap seal fiberglass tape around the pipe unidirectionally. The distance from the start point to the leak should be 100mm, and the taping should be appropriately and efficiently done.

(6) Open another wrap, immerse in water, and retape from the beginning. While the ongoing process, apply water consistently to the tape and stroke the surface in successive motions until it sets. Leave to set correctly for a minimum of 1 hour.

The pipe repair process is completed, and the operated pipe can start functioning again.