In a struggle to achieve flawless skin, there’s one product in particular that seem to pop up on the shelves of every beauty guru- the facial essence. An essence is one of those products that seems to hold the key to everything you want out of your skin care routine. But how essence relates to serums ad toners is still a bit of mystery.

Whatexactly is it doing for the health of your skin? And how do you determine the right formulas for your complexion? Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of using an essence and why there crucial for taking care of your skin.

Essence 101

When it comes to formulation, an essence generally has the watery texture of a toner and the targeted benefit if a serum. They are filled with humectants, ingredients that bind water to itself, are designed to be both hydrating and fast-absorbing to prep your skin. They also help protect you from free-radical damage and pollution, which can lead to dullness, dryness, and fine lines.

Regular use helps increase the skin’s luminosity as well as smooth uneven or rough textures. Thinkof you face as a sponge. A slightly damp sponge will pick up more than a dry sponge. By preparing your skin with an essence, it will be ready to receive the full skin care that follows. Basically, if you use multiple products as part of your daily routine, an essence is essential.

EssenceVs. Toner Vs. Serum

All these beauty products are examples of liquid skin care, meaning watery formulas that prepare your skin for the remainder of your routine, which typically means moisturizer and others. Toners wipe away excess impurities and are the last step in cleansing the skin.

On the other hand, essences and infusions absorb quickly to deliver more targeted benefits and are the first remedies to treat the skin. Comparing the three, a serum is more concentrated and usually targets one particular skin care concern. An essence is more focused on hydration while preparing the skin to better receive the serum that follows.


Everyone really longs for a flawless skin. So, for you achieve that type of skin, essence application will help you. And one of the best products worth your time and money is the popular SK II facial treatment essence. Why not try it out today and see what the numerous benefits you’ll enjoy?