The gas (refrigerant) in your aircon works just like the gas (refrigerant) utilized in your fridge. Inquire yourself, your cooler is on 24 hours a day. Do you wish to top up gas routinely for your cooler? The reply is NO. You’ll utilize your cooler for numerous years without having to top up gas. The same formula is applied for aircon.

Aircon is rather like our car, no matter if it’s Mercedez Benz, BMW or Ferrari, it too requires standard cleaning and benefits to run at its best for a long time. Standard Air conditioners are pressurized units. With time the jolts and joints can end up powerless and create a leak. You might be surprised to acknowledge that all the air conditioners around us do not possess the same refrigerant. Taking after are a few of the common refrigerants utilized in air conditioners nowadays:

There are two plans of gas top-ups: one ranges between R410A $60- $130 and the other plan ranges between R22 $80-$150. R410A – commonly known as Puron R410A is utilized in all the most recent air conditioners presently. It could be a hydro-fluorocarbon and does not influence the ozone layer. R22 – commonly known as Freon. It could be a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon, in this way it contributes to ozone layer exhaustion.

Let’s discuss the reasons why gas leaks and why it requires aircon gas top up:-

Manufacturing defect:

Every manufacturing handle isn’t 100% free of blunders, indeed more so if people are included in putting together the unit. There are numerous joints and welds which might cause a leak on the off chance that they’re not made with high accuracy. On the off chance that there are manufacturing abandons within the AC, leakage will happen amid the introductory stages of utilizing and in this way can be repaired beneath warranty.

Incorrect installation:

The crucial portion of AC establishment incorporates making flare nut associations and twisting the copper channels, which amusingly are the foremost common zones of a refrigerant leak. To dodge this, flare nuts ought to be fixed with Teflon tape, and copper channels ought to only be bowed through a tube bender.


In case you’re feeling that your aircon isn’t giving you cool air any longer, it may be due to a gas leak. The specialists give aircon gas refill administrations by topping up your refrigerant capacity with cooling gas and at the same time, settle up the gap or harm causing the leak.