While anyone canplop a handful of flowers into a vase, there is a little more thought and technique that goes into the art of flower arrangement. Flower Table Arrangements require a bit of planning and thorough preparation to create a beautiful centerpiece. This also ensures flowers maintains their color and freshness.

That said, it takes little time to learn how to arrange flowers perfectly and make it look professional. Once you learn some little basics about flower arrangements, you can simply realizer it’s fun and simple. This guide will help you put together and display a beautiful bouquet. Read ahead!

Decide On A Flower Arrangement Design

The first step is to decide on a color scheme before shopping for the flowers. Then, when you purchase flowers, you know you are picking up colors that match well together. Monochromatic schemes, which show the variety of different flowers of the same color, can be striking. Another high impactfloral design, you can opt for complementarycolors that will pop against each other.

As you choose your color scheme, don’t forget about pairing flowers. Its recommendable that you select flowers based on what’s currently blooming in your garden or what you see in the local market. Being this much specific can prevent you from looking at other beautiful flowers. Pick your favorite with different growth patterns, shapes and see how you can arrange them.

Cut And Prepare Flowers

After purchasing your flowers, you might be tempted to begin arranging at the moment. However, there are some important steps to take to prepare flowers and make them last longer. First, remove extra leaves and damaged petals from stems.

If there are unwanted buds, cut them as well. Once you clean up the stems, make a fresh diagonal cut to the bottom of the stems. Put together the trimmed stems into a bucket or vase with cut flower food. Though, this doesn’t have to be your final vessel.

Bottom Line

Finally, finish the design with floaters or delicate blooms like baby’s breath, sedum, or yarrow. Put these in last so they don’t get squished or buried by heavier blooms. Before displaying them, give your finished flower arrangement a light spritz of water to mimic the look of a fresh dew. In addition, it is best when you refill the vase with water as needed to keep flowers hydrated and fresh.