Before sending a child to preschool, every parent gets mixed feelings. Although they have always wished to start a new educative phase of the child’s life, they become emotional when the little ones get away from their eyes. This article will explain how preschool sets the foundation for the child’s learning process in the early years.

Why must every child be enrolled at a preschool?

Most parents nowadays opt to home-school their toddlers. However, the learning platform and social environment offered at childcare or preschool can’t be provided by parents or tutors at home. Children of 3-6 years of age are most curious. Although some parents enroll their toddlers at the age of 2.5 years, most parents start enrolling at three years.

Hence, it is the best time for parents to enroll them at a preschool where they can develop a healthy attitude towards learning. If the toddlers skip the learning environment offered at preschool, they won’t be able to adapt to the academic environment that they will see in nurseries. Moreover, children who get enrolled at preschool don’t find their studies boring later because they learn to balance play-time with academics. As a result, they are more likely to participate in extra-curricular activities in schools.


Promote social and emotional development

Compared to the environment the toddlers get at home around parents and relatives, they get the opportunity to participate in group activities with the children of the same age. As a result, the children can form bonds with their peers and build self-confidence. Once they notice the teachers are trying to provide them with a safe environment, the toddlers will start trusting them and become more communicative. Have you seen a toddler becoming emotional or angry as soon as someone takes their toy away? Yes, every child gets too attached to their possessions and belongings. They learn to share their toys with their peers at preschool while participating in group activities.

Improve their language and vocabulary

Young toddlers are often seen repeating the words that their parents or siblings say. Usually, they can say those words in the same tone. Therefore, these years are most crucial in their life to improve their language and vocabulary. The parents won’t be able to access the same language learning environment provided at preschool. Instead, the teachers at preschool help the toddlers use the new words to form structured sentences.