If you’re planning to improve your delivery service, you may certainly find a lot of advice online about what you need to change. This advice mostly includes ideas about which aspects of your deliveries to consider improving, which tools to use to implement them and how the changes might affect the customer experience. Typically, advice on how to improve delivery services focuses on tracking drivers and deliveries, optimizing delivery routes and more.

But if your delivery service or Shopee courier service provider wants to reach a better delivery performance, it’s also important to consider what your customers from your delivery service. Of course, customer satisfaction is the measure of success for every business. So, here are some great ways to improve delivery service.

Make Sure Your Drivers Are Friendly

At first, it might certainly seem that friendliness isn’t really something that you’re able to control as a business owner. Normally, hiring drivers with an optimistic outlook and can be able to do attitude to the job is a significant step. But there are also things you can possibly do to improve their experience of the job and minimize their stress levels too.

Setting up an efficient and workable delivery system, preferably using route management as well as route optimization software is always a sure way of improving your drivers’ day-to-day jobs. People who also feel valued by their employer will always be happy in their work. Improvements that reduce frustrations for your driver might as well go a long way for example giving them fair pay and more.

Clear Customer Communication

Customer communication is part of delivery process that definitely benefits from automation. When clients are kept in the loop automatically, they’re less likely to contact the business owners to ask where their item is. You may certainly consume a lot of time for dispatchers and drivers too if you rely on a manual process to inform your customers on delays.

It’s indeed a pain to safely answer calls or text messages on the road. And it also increases delays even further. Fortunately, with circuit of teams your customers can possibly relax knowing that the ETAs are accurate and updated in real-time. Clients can certainly receive an update when their item has left dispatch headquarter and another update when their driver is close. These updates can simply be sent through email, SMS or even both. Of course, there is no need for them to contact you.