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Features to Consider When Choosing an Access Control Solution

Let’s be honest; comprehensive access control solutions are fundamental to the protection of medium and large organizations. And this is no longer surprising since they help eliminate the security risks associated with access points. No wonder you can never skimp on what a door access system can do for your business.

But before contacting a door access system Singapore dealer, it pays off to understand what will work perfectly for your business. Below are features of access control you may want to consider adoption when the time comes to upgrade your solution.

Unique Alarm Notifications

Now more than ever, you can differentiate between urgent, non-urgent and emergency events without going through a lot. And the perfect way to make this happen is by configuring different sounds in the Access Control back-office. You can choose to go with an alarm for door held open and door forced open to relay different sounds to the back office. That’s actually an easy way to notify relevant staff of an event.

You can also configure some access control solutions to inform certain employees if an alarm has been triggered by automatically sending an email.  Through this action, security teams can be notified of events, even when they are away from their department.

Scheduled Backups

Regardless of the door access system in Singapore you decide to leverage, it is fundamental that the chosen solution offers the ability to backups of the access database.  If your access system is deployed on Cloud, this is  something you will never have to worry about. After all, regular backup performances take place.

But if your access control solution is deployed on-site, the risk of rebuilding all configurations and settings after a server crash can take the most of your time and energy. This is the last thing you want to make do with as it could hinder the security and success of your business.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best access control solution for your company doesn’t have to be the sole reason behind your woes. Simply factor in things such as custom reports, scheduled backups, photo notifications, and elevator control, to mention a few. Keep in mind it all starts with finding a reputable door access system Singapore dealer you can leverage. It is then that you will get good value for your money after investing in access control solutions.

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