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Costly Insurance Agent Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Everyone makes mistakes. It happens to doctors, lawyers, and yes, you will find insurance agents mistakes sometimes too. There’s no need to feel down over the occasions error. Butit’s important to understand that some mistakes are worse than others.

It’s alright to do or say something wrong in front of your client as they compare insurance quotes or ask questions. But there are some errors you’re not coming back from. While errors come in all shapes and sizes and all for different reasons, there are insurance agent’s mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

FailingTo Present Need

Everyone’s trying to save money and avoid buying things they don’t need. That means one of the most important steps to take when selling insurance is to determine the need. This is what market research is for. It’s crucial to present the need for insurance to your client. Notdoing this is one of several insurance agents’ mistakes that can cost you a lot of sales.

It doesn’t matter how competitive the prices of your policies are. For instance, if your clients, don’t think they’ll crash into another moving vehicle, they won’t buy auto insurance. Nor will clients purchase home or flood insurance if they don’t know they are in a flood prone area. Youget the idea. By showing how frequently mishaps occur, you’ll be on your way selling something people actually need.

Charging A Consultation Fee

This might put some money in your pocket immediately. However, this is one of several insurance agent mistakes that’s sure to limit your potential. If you can help it, don’t change a fee for giving advice or assessments. Insurance is already a product people don’t enjoy paying for.

For this reason, any attempt you make to conduct a paid consultation will be seen as unnecessary. Even if you don’t make anything from a free consultation, you will attract more leads and prospects. The fact that your consultation is free will entice people to come to you for insurance.

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