Boeing Introduces 737 MAX Fixes to Make the Planes Safer

After encountering two plane accidents in the space of 6 months, Boeing manufacturers have decided to preview its software fix and cockpit pits. In addition to this, they are also offering additional pilot training for its 737 MAX planes. The company is now working closely with regulators and customers around the world in order to restore their faith. This action takes place weeks after an Ethiopian Airline (Boeing 737 MAX plane) crashed 6 minutes after taking off.

Boeing Introduces 737 MAX

One of the changes that the manufacturers want to make is adding an indicator to the flight control display. With the indicator, pilots can take note whenever the angle of attack sensors disagree. By doing so, Boeing  will improve the safety of their planes thus reducing the number of accidents. Apart from the indicators, Boeing is also making changes to the plane’s Maneuvering characteristics  Augmentation System (MCAS).

In the wake of recent plane crashes, Boeing seeks to enhance training for all 737 MAX pilots. By doing so, the company is aiming to make the pilot’s fully aware of how the MCAs system works. With this knowledge, the pilots can disable the MCAs if they happen to encounter any issues. To do this successfully, Boeing will first have to send the software updates and plan for enhanced pilot training to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for approval.

Boeing Introduces 737 MAX

Once the FAA approved these new changes, Boeing will start sending the new software updates to customers all around the world. However, it will take a couple of days before they install the software . Once this is done, they will commence the training and testing. Boeing’s new changes is a step in the right direction considering the many lives lost in plane crashes. Once the changes are made, Boeing  hopes to restore the trust that they had imposed on customers.

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