Twitter is generally recognized as a network of instantaneity . Therefore, worry about a “story” that we have on Twitter, for publications that we have made years ago, does not seem to go too much with the philosophy of the platform. While Facebook encourages us to create our biography on its platform, Twitter acts as a trigger where our comments are brief. But, if we start to investigate, we have in fact several ways to recover old publications.

Today we are going to review the way to recover my tweets, both our own and others, through the same Twitter and some special tools. Who remembers your first tweet ? Knowing what it is more than tempting for most Twitter users. From the social network announced that it is available to download the complete file with all the tweets that have been made to date. If we work as social network administrators for a brand, then sometimes we may have an interest in doing a survey or in carrying out a competence report.

Fortunately, although we cannot use the official source, we can use a variety of tools to retrieve old tweets that are not our own, or explore our own account in more depth. You will have noticed that in each of these tools there is a specific limitation. Each of them is special in its own way, but by combining them we find that we can follow up interestingly and that it is a reality to be able to recover old tweets.

With the help of such tools you can easily download all tweets on one page and that you can easily use for your further needs. All you need is to search out the right and legit tool that will help you to get all your tweets on one page. So, go online now and find the one, that suits your need most.